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The API allows you to integrate state-of-the-art AI voices in almost every language and accent in the world into your applications.

Here are some benefits of using our API:

Let's help you get things up and running!

Note: You need to have a account with word credit to be able to access the API.

AI voices

This API provides a single interface to access all the ultra realistic voices powered by Peregrine, our very own generative speech model, and all the voices listed on our text-to-speech voices page powered by leading TTS engines in the world.


All endpoints require authentication. Authentication consists of two required HTTPS headers:

To get your authentication credentials, log in to your dashboard and visit the API section.

Note: Never share your secret key with anyone and never use your secret key in the front-end part of your application or in the browser.

If you're facing issues finding your credentials, please reach out to us at

Webhook Implementation

Register Webhook

The endpoint on the API that you will use to convert text to speech:

  1. /convert: this endpoint performs a text-to-speech conversion.

Rate Limit & Support

Webhook Events / Status


Webhook Sample Response Payload

Convert text to speech

Use this endpoint to start converting an article from text to audio.

    "voice": string,
    "content": string[],
    "ssml": string[],
    "title": string,          // Optional
    "narrationStyle": string, // Optional
    "globalSpeed": string,    // Optional
    "pronunciations": { key: string, value: string }[], // Optional
    "trimSilence": boolean,   // Optional
    "transcriptionId": string  // Optional - use it to update the same audio file

note Only one of content or ssml can be passed:

    "status": "CREATED" | "error",
    "transcriptionId": string,
    "error": string // Optional

Optional fields are only provided when applicable.

  curl --location --request POST '' \
  --header 'Authorization: **************' \
  --header 'X-User-ID: ***************' \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data-raw '{
  "voice": "en-US-MichelleNeural",
  "ssml": ["<speak><p>Hello my fried <break time=\"0.5s\"/></p></speak>"],
  "title": "Testing public api convertion"
  import requests
  import json

  url = ""

  payload = json.dumps({
    "voice": "en-US-MichelleNeural",
    "content": [
     "Hello My frinedsss",
     "either pass content s an array of strings , or ssml , but not both"
     "title": "Testing public api convertion"
  headers = {
    'Authorization': '******************',
    'X-User-ID': '**************',
    'Content-Type': 'application/json'

  response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data=payload)
  $client = new http\Client;
  $request = new http\Client\Request;
  $body = new http\Message\Body;
    "voice": "en-US-MichelleNeural",
    "ssml": ["<speak><p>Hello my fried <break time=\"0.5s\"/></p></speak>",
        "<speak><p>--BEGIN-PLAYHT-CUSTOM-VOICE--en-US-AmberNeural--END-PLAYHT-CUSTOM-VOICE--How are you doing</p></speak>"],
    "title": "Testing public api convertion"
    'Authorization' => '*******************',
    'X-User-ID' => '***************',
    'Content-Type' => 'application/json'
  $response = $client->getResponse();
  echo $response->getBody();

Base URL


Standard API

Overview of API

There are two endpoints on the API that you will use to convert text to speech:

  1. /convert: this endpoint performs a text-to-speech conversion.
  2. /articleStatus: this endpoint lets you know if the conversion is done. (This would be deprecated in 30days Please migrate to webhook implementation)

Since the text-to-speech conversion is an asynchronous process, you will first make a POST request to the /convert endpoint with the text and voice, and then make GET requests to the /articleStatus endpoint to check if the conversion is done and to get the audio file.

The two endpoints have been described in detail below.

Standard API Endpoints

Convert text to speech

Use this endpoint to start converting an article from text to audio.

    "voice": string,
    "content": string[],
    "ssml": string[],
    "title": string,          // Optional
    "narrationStyle": string, // Optional
    "globalSpeed": string,    // Optional
    "pronunciations": { key: string, value: string }[], // Optional
    "trimSilence": boolean,   // Optional
    "transcriptionId": string  // Optional - use it to update the same audio file

note Only one of content or ssml can be passed:

    "status": "CREATED" | "error",
    "transcriptionId": string,
    "error": string // Optional
    "contentLength": number,
    "wordCount": number

Use the transcriptionId in the response to check the conversion status in the Article status endpoint.

Transcription status

Use this endpoint to check the conversion status of your text using its transcription ID.

This endpoint would be deprecated and shutdown in 30days please migrate to the webhook implementation.Register Webhook

If the article (text) is converted to audio, the response will contain the audio file URL along with certain metadata such as voice and narration style. A true value for error field indicates a conversion failure.

Where {transcriptionId} is the ID provided in the successful response of Convert endpoint.

    "converted": boolean,
    "error": boolean,         // Optional
    "errorMessage": string,   // Optional
    "audioUrl": string,       // Optional
    "audioDuration": number,  // Optional
    "voice": string,          // Optional
    "narrationStyle": string, // Optional
    "globalSpeed": string,    // Optional

Optional fields are only provided when applicable.

  curl --location --request POST '' \
  --header 'Authorization: **************' \
  --header 'X-User-ID: ***************' \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data-raw '{
  "voice": "en-US-MichelleNeural",
  "ssml": ["<speak><p>Hello my fried <break time=\"0.5s\"/></p></speak>"],
  "title": "Testing public api convertion"
  import requests
  import json

  url = ""

  payload = json.dumps({
    "voice": "en-US-MichelleNeural",
    "content": [
     "Hello My frinedsss",
     "either pass content s an array of strings , or ssml , but not both"
     "title": "Testing public api convertion"
  headers = {
    'Authorization': '******************',
    'X-User-ID': '**************',
    'Content-Type': 'application/json'

  response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data=payload)
  $client = new http\Client;
  $request = new http\Client\Request;
  $body = new http\Message\Body;
    "voice": "en-US-MichelleNeural",
    "ssml": ["<speak><p>Hello my fried <break time=\"0.5s\"/></p></speak>",
        "<speak><p>--BEGIN-PLAYHT-CUSTOM-VOICE--en-US-AmberNeural--END-PLAYHT-CUSTOM-VOICE--How are you doing</p></speak>"],
    "title": "Testing public api convertion"
    'Authorization' => '*******************',
    'X-User-ID' => '***************',
    'Content-Type' => 'application/json'
  $response = $client->getResponse();
  echo $response->getBody();

Utra-Realistic API [beta]

Overview of Utra-Realistic API

There is only one endpoint on the API that you will use to convert text to speech:

Since the text-to-speech conversion is an asynchronous process, you will first make a POST request to the /convert endpoint with the text and voice, and then make GET requests to the S3 bucket URL returned by the /convert endpoint to check if the conversion is done and to get the audio file.

The endpoint has been described in detail below.

Convert text to speech

Use this endpoint to start converting an article from text to audio. ( This is available for both standard , Premium and Ultra Realistic Voices)

    "voice": string,
    "content": string[],
    "title": string, // Optional
    "speed": string, // Optional
    "preset": string // Optional
    "status": "CREATED",
    "transcriptionId": "-NNG-dZjRBIVTYkTlsz6",
    "contentLength": 1,
    "wordCount": 12


Responses and Updates for each request are available via the webhook, has this makes it easier for development and avoids long polling..

Utra-Realistic Examples

  curl --location --request POST '' \
  --header 'Authorization: **************' \
  --header 'X-User-ID: ***************' \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data-raw '{
  "voice": "Larry",
  "content": ["Hello world"]
  import requests
  import json

  url = ""

  payload = json.dumps({
    "voice": "Larry",
    "content": [
     "Hello My friends",
     "It's a beautiful day, isn't it ?"
    "speed": "1.0",
    "preset": "balanced"
  headers = {
    'Authorization': '******************',
    'X-User-ID': '**************',
    'Content-Type': 'application/json'

  response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data=payload)
  $client = new http\Client;
  $request = new http\Client\Request;
  $body = new http\Message\Body;
    "voice": "Larry",
    "content": ["Hello my fried", "How are you doing"],
    'Authorization' => '*******************',
    'X-User-ID' => '***************',
    'Content-Type' => 'application/json'
  $response = $client->getResponse();
  echo $response->getBody();

Fetch Voices API

Overview of API

There are two endpoints on the API that you will use to convert text to speech:

  1. /getVoices: this endpoint fetches all voices for standard and Ultra- Realistic Voices (takes a query params ultra=true for ultra realistic voices)

Convert text to speech

Use this endpoint to Fetch all available voices.

- Method: GET

    "voices": [],
  curl --location --request GET '' \
  --header 'Authorization: **************' \
  --header 'X-User-ID: ***************' \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

Errors API uses the following error codes:

Error Code Meaning
400 Bad Request -- Your request is invalid.
401 Unauthorized -- Your API key is wrong.
403 Forbidden -- The resouce requested is hidden for administrators only.
404 Not Found -- The specified resouce could not be found.
405 Method Not Allowed -- You tried to access a resouce with an invalid method.
406 Not Acceptable -- You requested a format that isn't json.
410 Gone -- The resouce requested has been removed from our servers.
418 I'm a teapot.
429 Too Many Requests -- You're requesting too many resouces! Slow down!
500 Internal Server Error -- We had a problem with our server. Try again later.
503 Service Unavailable -- We're temporarily offline for maintenance. Please try again later.

Standard API Voices

This is a list of all the available text to speech voices in the API with their audio samples.

Use Voice ID and Narration Styles (for supported voices) from this list to reference a voice and a narration style, respectively, in your calls to the API. You can also listen to a sample of each voice through its Sample URL.

Voice ID Voice Name Language Narration Styles
af-ZA-Standard-A Imka Afrikaans --- Sample
Zeina Zeina Arabic --- Sample
ar-XA-Wavenet-A Aisha Arabic --- Sample
ar-XA-Wavenet-B Amjad Arabic --- Sample
ar-XA-Wavenet-C Hazem Arabic --- Sample
ar-XA-Standard-A Alya Arabic --- Sample
ar-XA-Standard-B Idris Arabic --- Sample
ar-XA-Standard-C Jalal Arabic --- Sample
ar-XA-Standard-D Salma Arabic --- Sample
ar-MS_OmarVoice Omar Arabic --- Sample
ar-EG-SalmaNeural Salma Arabic (Egypt) --- Sample
ar-EG-Hoda Hoda Arabic (Egypt) --- Sample
ar-EG-ShakirNeural Shakir Arabic (Egypt) --- Sample
ar-SA-ZariyahNeural Zariyah Arabic (Saudi Arabia) --- Sample
ar-SA-Naayf Naayf Arabic (Saudi Arabia) --- Sample
ar-SA-HamedNeural Hamed Arabic (Saudi Arabia) --- Sample
bn-IN-Standard-A Bansuri Bengali (India) --- Sample
bn-IN-Standard-B Vimridh Bengali (India) --- Sample
bn-IN-Wavenet-A Ahana Bengali (India) --- Sample
bn-IN-Wavenet-B Anik Bengali (India) --- Sample
bg-bg-Standard-A Petia Bulgarian --- Sample
bg-BG-Ivan Ivan Bulgarian --- Sample
bg-BG-KalinaNeural Kalina Bulgarian --- Sample
bg-BG-BorislavNeural Borislav Bulgarian --- ---
ca-es-Standard-A Nuria Catalan --- Sample
ca-ES-AlbaNeural Alba Catalan --- Sample
ca-ES-HerenaRUS Herena Catalan --- Sample
ca-ES-JoanaNeural Joana Catalan --- Sample
ca-ES-EnricNeural Enric Catalan --- Sample
Zhiyu Zhiyu Chinese --- Sample
cmn-CN-Standard-A Yu Yan Chinese --- Sample
cmn-CN-Standard-B Zhang Wei Chinese --- Sample
cmn-CN-Standard-C Wang Fang Chinese --- Sample
cmn-CN-Standard-D Chunhua Chinese --- Sample
cmn-CN-Wavenet-A Zhi Ruo Chinese --- Sample
cmn-CN-Wavenet-B Li Wei Chinese --- Sample
cmn-CN-Wavenet-C Li Na Chinese --- Sample
cmn-CN-Wavenet-D Meifen Chinese --- Sample
zh-CN_LiNaVoice Lina Chinese --- Sample
zh-CN_WangWeiVoice Wang Chinese --- Sample
zh-CN_ZhangJingVoice Zhang Chinese --- Sample
zh-CN-XiaoxiaoNeural Xiaoxiao Chinese newscast, customerservice, assistant, chat, calm, cheerful, sad, angry, fearful, disgruntled, serious, affectionate, gentle, lyrical Sample
zh-CN-XiaoyouNeural Xiaoyou Chinese --- Sample
zh-CN-YunyangNeural Yunyang Chinese customerservice Sample
zh-CN-YunyeNeural Yunye Chinese --- Sample
zh-CN-HuihuiRUS Huihui Chinese --- Sample
zh-CN-Yaoyao-Apollo Yaoyao Chinese --- Sample
zh-CN-Kangkang-Apollo Kangkang Chinese --- Sample
zh-CN-XiaohanNeural Xiaohan Chinese cheerful, sad, angry, fearful, disgruntled, serious, embarrassed, affectionate, gentle Sample
zh-CN-XiaomoNeural Xiaomo Chinese cheerful, angry, fearful, disgruntled, serious, depressed, gentle Sample
zh-CN-XiaoruiNeural Xiaorui Chinese --- ---
zh-CN-XiaoxuanNeural Xiaoxuan Chinese cheerful, angry, fearful, disgruntled, serious, depressed, gentle Sample
zh-CN-YunxiNeural Yunxi Chinese assistant, cheerful, sad, angry, fearful, disgruntled, serious, depressed, embarrassed Sample
yue-HK-Standard-A Lixue Chinese (Cantonese) --- Sample
yue-HK-Standard-B Kuan-yin Chinese (Cantonese) --- Sample
yue-HK-Standard-C Mingmei Chinese (Cantonese) --- Sample
yue-HK-Standard-D Jiahao Chinese (Cantonese) --- Sample
zh-HK-HiuGaaiNeural HiuGaai Chinese (Cantonese) --- Sample
zh-HK-TracyRUS Tracy Chinese (Cantonese) --- Sample
zh-HK-Danny-Apollo Danny Chinese (Cantonese) --- Sample
zh-HK-HiuMaanNeural HiuMaan Chinese (Cantonese) --- Sample
zh-HK-WanLungNeural WanLung Chinese (Cantonese) --- Sample
cmn-TW-Standard-A Hui-chun Chinese (TW) --- Sample
cmn-TW-Standard-B Chien-hung Chinese (TW) --- Sample
cmn-TW-Standard-C Hsin-hung Chinese (TW) --- Sample
cmn-TW-Wavenet-A Mei-ling Chinese (TW) --- Sample
cmn-TW-Wavenet-B Tsung-han Chinese (TW) --- Sample
cmn-TW-Wavenet-C Yan-ting Chinese (TW) --- Sample
zh-TW-HsiaoYuNeural HsiaoYu Chinese (TW) --- Sample
zh-TW-Yating-Apollo Yating Chinese (TW) --- Sample
zh-TW-HanHanRUS HanHan Chinese (TW) --- Sample
zh-TW-Zhiwei-Apollo Zhiwei Chinese (TW) --- Sample
zh-TW-HsiaoChenNeural HsiaoChen Chinese (TW) --- Sample
zh-TW-YunJheNeural YunJhe Chinese (TW) --- Sample
hr-HR-Matej Matej Croatian --- Sample
hr-HR-GabrijelaNeural Gabrijela Croatian --- Sample
hr-HR-SreckoNeural Srecko Croatian --- Sample
cs-CZ-Standard-A Adina Czech --- Sample
cs-CZ-Wavenet-A Adriana Czech --- Sample
cs-CZ-Jakub Jakub Czech --- Sample
cs-CZ-VlastaNeural Vlasta Czech --- Sample
cs-CZ-AntoninNeural Antonin Czech --- Sample
Mads Mads Danish --- Sample
Naja Naja Danish --- Sample
da-DK-Standard-A Agathe Danish --- Sample
da-DK-Standard-C Oscar Danish --- Sample
da-DK-Standard-D Alberte Danish --- Sample
da-DK-Standard-E Caroline Danish --- Sample
da-DK-Wavenet-A Agnes Danish --- Sample
da-DK-Wavenet-C Malthe Danish --- Sample
da-DK-Wavenet-D Josefine Danish --- Sample
da-DK-Wavenet-E Sofie Danish --- Sample
da-DK-ChristelNeural Christel Danish --- Sample
da-DK-HelleRUS Helle Danish --- Sample
da-DK-JeppeNeural Jeppe Danish --- Sample
Lotte Lotte Dutch --- Sample
Ruben Ruben Dutch --- Sample
nl-NL-Standard-A Sophie Dutch --- Sample
nl-NL-Wavenet-A Julia Dutch --- Sample
nl-NL-Standard-B Bram Dutch --- Sample
nl-NL-Standard-C Lucas Dutch --- Sample
nl-NL-Standard-D Tess Dutch --- Sample
nl-NL-Standard-E Fenna Dutch --- Sample
nl-NL-Wavenet-B Daan Dutch --- Sample
nl-NL-Wavenet-C Luuk Dutch --- Sample
nl-NL-Wavenet-D Zoe Dutch --- Sample
nl-NL-Wavenet-E Eva Dutch --- Sample
nl-NL_EmmaVoice Emma Dutch --- Sample
nl-NL_LiamVoice Liam Dutch --- Sample
nl-NL-ColetteNeural Colette Dutch --- Sample
nl-NL-HannaRUS Hanna Dutch --- Sample
nl-NL-FennaNeural Fenna Dutch --- Sample
nl-NL-MaartenNeural Maarten Dutch --- Sample
nl-BE-Standard-A Sacnite Dutch (Belgium) --- Sample
nl-BE-Standard-B Casper Dutch (Belgium) --- Sample
nl-BE-Wavenet-A Sacnite Dutch (Belgium) --- Sample
nl-BE-Wavenet-B Casper Dutch (Belgium) --- Sample
nl-BE_AdeleVoice Adele Dutch (Belgium) --- Sample
nl-BE-DenaNeural Dena Dutch (Belgium) --- ---
nl-BE-ArnaudNeural Arnaud Dutch (Belgium) --- ---
Nicole Nicole English (AU) --- Sample
Russell Russell English (AU) --- Sample
en-AU-Standard-A Charlotte English (AU) --- Sample
en-AU-Standard-B Oliver English (AU) --- Sample
en-AU-Standard-C Olivia English (AU) --- Sample
en-AU-Standard-D William English (AU) --- Sample
en-AU-Wavenet-A Chloe English (AU) --- Sample
en-AU-Wavenet-B Ethan English (AU) --- Sample
en-AU-Wavenet-C Ava English (AU) --- Sample
en-AU-Wavenet-D Jackson English (AU) --- Sample
en-AU_CraigVoice Craig English (AU) --- Sample
en-AU_MadisonVoice Madison English (AU) --- Sample
en-AU-NatashaNeural Natasha English (AU) --- Sample
en-AU-Catherine Catherine English (AU) --- Sample
en-AU-HayleyRUS Hayley English (AU) --- Sample
en-AU-WilliamNeural William English (AU) --- Sample
en-CA-ClaraNeural Clara English (Canada) --- Sample
en-CA-Linda Linda English (Canada) --- Sample
en-CA-HeatherRUS Heather English (Canada) --- Sample
en-CA-LiamNeural Liam English (Canada) --- Sample
en-HK-YanNeural Yan English (Hong Kong) --- ---
en-HK-SamNeural Sam English (Hong Kong) --- ---
Raveena Raveena English (India) --- Sample
en-IN-Standard-A Alisha English (India) --- Sample
en-IN-Standard-B Sai English (India) --- Sample
en-IN-Standard-C Ayaan English (India) --- Sample
en-IN-Standard-D Ananya English (India) --- Sample
en-IN-Wavenet-A Amara English (India) --- Sample
en-IN-Wavenet-B Vivaan English (India) --- Sample
en-IN-Wavenet-C Aditya English (India) --- Sample
en-IN-Wavenet-D Amoli English (India) --- Sample
en-IN-NeerjaNeural Neerja English (India) --- Sample
en-IN-Heera-Apollo Heera English (India) --- Sample
en-IN-PriyaRUS Priya English (India) --- Sample
en-IN-Ravi-Apollo Ravi English (India) --- Sample
en-IN-PrabhatNeural Prabhat English (India) --- Sample
en-IE-Sean Sean English (Ireland) --- Sample
en-IE-EmilyNeural Emily English (Ireland) --- Sample
en-IE-ConnorNeural Connor English (Ireland) --- Sample
en-NZ-MollyNeural Molly English (New Zealand) --- ---
en-NZ-MitchellNeural Mitchell English (New Zealand) --- ---
en-PH-RosaNeural Rosa English (Philippines) --- ---
en-PH-JamesNeural James English (Philippines) --- ---
en-SG-LunaNeural Luna English (Singapore) --- ---
en-SG-WayneNeural Wayne English (Singapore) --- ---
en-ZA-LeahNeural Leah English (South Africa) --- Sample
en-ZA-LukeNeural Luke English (South Africa) --- Sample
Amy Amy English (UK) --- Sample
Brian Brian English (UK) --- Sample
Emma Emma English (UK) --- Sample
Emilia Emilia English (UK) news Sample
Logan Logan English (UK) --- Sample
Anna Anna English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB-Standard-A Amelia English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB-Standard-B Jack English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB-Standard-C Mia English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB-Standard-D Thomas English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB-Standard-F Sandy English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB-Wavenet-A Isla English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB-Wavenet-B Harry English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB-Wavenet-C Hannah English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB-Wavenet-D Charlie English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB-Wavenet-F Kathy English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB_KateV3Voice Lily English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB_CharlotteV3Voice Charlotte English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB_JamesV3Voice James English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB-LibbyNeural Libby English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB-MiaNeural Mia English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB-Susan-Apollo Susan English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB-HazelRUS Hazel English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB-George-Apollo George English (UK) --- Sample
en-GB-RyanNeural Ryan English (UK) --- Sample
Matthew Matthew English (US) --- Sample
Joanna Joanna English (US) --- Sample
Joey Joey English (US) --- Sample
Salli Salli English (US) --- Sample
Noah Noah English (US) news Sample
en-US-DavisNeural Davis English (US) angry, chat, cheerful, excited, friendly, hopeful, sad, shouting, terrified, unfriendly, whispering Sample
Scarlett Scarlett English (US) --- Sample
Jessica Jessica English (US) news Sample
Lucas Lucas English (US) --- Sample
Karen Karen English (US) --- Sample
Victoria Victoria English (US) --- Sample
Ariana Ariana English (US) --- Sample
Jennifer Jennifer English (US) --- Sample
Kevin Kevin English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Wavenet-A James English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Wavenet-B Robert English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Wavenet-C Patricia English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Wavenet-D Richard English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Wavenet-E Elizabeth English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Wavenet-F Linda English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Standard-B Joseph English (US) --- Sample
en-US-SaraNeural Sara English (US) angry, cheerful, excited, friendly, hopeful, sad, shouting, terrified, unfriendly, whispering Sample
en-US-Standard-C Sarah English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Standard-D Charles English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Standard-E Nancy English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Standard-G Margie English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Standard-H Cerys English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Standard-I Shane English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Standard-J Ronald English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Wavenet-G Margie English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Wavenet-H Cerys English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Wavenet-I Shane English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Wavenet-J Ronald English (US) --- Sample
en-US_AllisonV3Voice Grace English (US) --- Sample
en-US_LisaV3Voice Camila English (US) --- Sample
en-US_MichaelV3Voice Mark English (US) --- Sample
en-US_EmilyV3Voice Emily English (US) --- Sample
en-US_HenryV3Voice Henry English (US) --- Sample
en-US_KevinV3Voice Kevinn English (US) --- Sample
en-US_OliviaV3Voice Olivia English (US) --- Sample
en-US-AriaNeural Aria English (US) newscast-formal, newscast-casual, customerservice, chat, cheerful, empathetic Sample
en-US-GuyNeural Guy English (US) newscast Sample
en-US-ZiraRUS Zira English (US) --- Sample
en-US-AriaRUS Aria English (US) --- Sample
en-US-BenjaminRUS Benjamin English (US) --- Sample
en-US-Guy24kRUS Guy English (US) --- Sample
en-US-JennyNeural Jenny English (US) newscast, customerservice, chat, assistant Sample
en-US-AmberNeural Amber English (US) --- Sample
en-US-AshleyNeural Ashley English (US) --- Sample
en-US-CoraNeural Cora English (US) --- Sample
en-US-ElizabethNeural Beth English (US) --- Sample
en-US-MichelleNeural Michelle English (US) --- Sample
en-US-MonicaNeural Monica English (US) --- Sample
en-US-AnaNeural Ana English (US) --- Sample
en-US-BrandonNeural Brandon English (US) --- Sample
en-US-ChristopherNeural Chris English (US) --- Sample
en-US-JacobNeural Jacob English (US) --- Sample
en-US-EricNeural Eric English (US) --- Sample
Geraint Geraint English (Welsh) --- Sample
et-EE-AnuNeural Anu Estonian --- Sample
et-EE-KertNeural Kert Estonian --- Sample
fil-PH-Standard-A Dalisay Filipino --- Sample
fil-PH-Standard-B Rosa Filipino --- Sample
fil-PH-Standard-C Armando Filipino --- Sample
fil-PH-Standard-D Aries Filipino --- Sample
fil-PH-Wavenet-A Analyn Filipino --- Sample
fil-PH-Wavenet-B Althea Filipino --- Sample
fil-PH-Wavenet-C Alec Filipino --- Sample
fil-PH-Wavenet-D Adonis Filipino --- Sample
fi-FI-Standard-A Anja Finnish --- Sample
fi-FI-Wavenet-A Anneli Finnish --- Sample
fi-FI-NooraNeural Noora Finnish --- Sample
fi-FI-HeidiRUS Heidi Finnish --- Sample
fi-FI-HarriNeural Harri Finnish --- Sample
fi-FI-SelmaNeural Selma Finnish --- Sample
Celine Celine French --- Sample
Mathieu Mathieu French --- Sample
Lea Léa French --- Sample
fr-FR-Standard-A Louise French --- Sample
fr-FR-Standard-B Paul French --- Sample
fr-FR-Standard-C Emma French --- Sample
fr-FR-Standard-D Nathan French --- Sample
fr-FR-Standard-E Amélie French --- Sample
fr-FR-Wavenet-A Adele French --- Sample
fr-FR-Wavenet-B Raphael French --- Sample
fr-FR-Wavenet-C Lina French --- Sample
fr-FR-Wavenet-D Victor French --- Sample
fr-FR-Wavenet-E Bella French --- Sample
fr-FR_ReneeV3Voice Alice French --- Sample
fr-FR_NicolasV3Voice Nicolas French --- Sample
fr-FR-DeniseNeural Denise French --- Sample
fr-FR-Julie-Apollo Julie French --- Sample
fr-FR-HortenseRUS Hortense French --- Sample
fr-FR-Paul-Apollo Paul French --- Sample
fr-FR-HenriNeural Henri French --- ---
fr-BE-CharlineNeural Charline French (Belgium) --- ---
fr-BE-GerardNeural Gerard French (Belgium) --- ---
Chantal Chantal French (Canada) --- Sample
fr-CA-Standard-A Lola French (Canada) --- Sample
fr-CA-Standard-B Gabriel French (Canada) --- Sample
fr-CA-Standard-C Camille French (Canada) --- Sample
fr-CA-Standard-D Arthur French (Canada) --- Sample
fr-CA-Wavenet-A Brigitte French (Canada) --- Sample
fr-CA-Wavenet-B Victor French (Canada) --- Sample
fr-CA-Wavenet-C Charlotte French (Canada) --- Sample
fr-CA-Wavenet-D Jules French (Canada) --- Sample
fr-CA_LouiseV3Voice Louise French (Canada) --- Sample
fr-CA-SylvieNeural Sylvie French (Canada) --- Sample
fr-CA-Caroline Caroline French (Canada) --- Sample
fr-CA-HarmonieRUS Harmonie French (Canada) --- Sample
fr-CA-JeanNeural Jean French (Canada) --- Sample
fr-CA-AntoineNeural Antoine French (Canada) --- Sample
Gabrielle Gabrielle French (Canadian) --- Sample
fr-CH-Guillaume Guillaume French (Switzerland) --- Sample
fr-CH-ArianeNeural Ariane French (Switzerland) --- Sample
fr-CH-FabriceNeural Fabrice French (Switzerland) --- Sample
Hans Hans German --- Sample
Marlene Marlene German --- Sample
Vicki Vicki German --- Sample
VickiNeural Vicki German --- Sample
de-DE-Standard-A Lara German --- Sample
de-DE-Standard-B Leon German --- Sample
de-DE-Standard-E Maximilian German --- Sample
de-DE-Standard-F Clara German --- Sample
de-DE-Wavenet-A Marie German --- Sample
de-DE-Wavenet-B Otto German --- Sample
de-DE-Wavenet-C Mila German --- Sample
de-DE-Wavenet-D Kurt German --- Sample
de-DE-Wavenet-E Moritz German --- Sample
de-DE-Wavenet-F Louisa German --- Sample
de-DE_BirgitV3Voice Lina German --- Sample
de-DE_DieterV3Voice Elias German --- Sample
de-DE_ErikaV3Voice Erika German --- Sample
de-DE-KatjaNeural Katja German --- Sample
de-DE-Hedda Hedda German --- Sample
de-DE-HeddaRUS Hedda German --- ---
de-DE-Stefan-Apollo Stefan German --- Sample
de-DE-ConradNeural Conrad German --- Sample
de-AT-Michael Michael German (Austria) --- Sample
de-AT-IngridNeural Ingrid German (Austria) --- Sample
de-AT-JonasNeural Jonas German (Austria) --- Sample
de-CH-Karsten Karsten German (Switzerland) --- Sample
de-CH-LeniNeural Leni German (Switzerland) --- Sample
de-CH-JanNeural Jan German (Switzerland) --- Sample
el-GR-Standard-A Gaia Greek --- Sample
el-GR-Wavenet-A Hera Greek --- Sample
el-GR-Stefanos Stefanos Greek --- Sample
el-GR-AthinaNeural Athina Greek --- Sample
el-GR-NestorasNeural Nestoras Greek --- Sample
gu-IN-Standard-A Iditri Gujarati (India) --- Sample
gu-IN-Standard-B Aamod Gujarati (India) --- Sample
gu-IN-DhwaniNeural Dhwani Gujarati (India) --- Sample
gu-IN-NiranjanNeural Niranjan Gujarati (India) --- Sample
he-IL-Asaf Asaf Hebrew --- Sample
he-IL-HilaNeural Hila Hebrew --- Sample
he-IL-AvriNeural Avri Hebrew --- Sample
Aditi Aditi Hindi --- Sample
hi-IN-Standard-A Esha Hindi --- Sample
hi-IN-Standard-B Ansh Hindi --- Sample
hi-IN-Standard-C Krishna Hindi --- Sample
hi-IN-Standard-D Adhira Hindi --- Sample
hi-IN-Wavenet-A Deepa Hindi --- Sample
hi-IN-Wavenet-B Ishaan Hindi --- Sample
hi-IN-Wavenet-C Rudra Hindi --- Sample
hi-IN-Wavenet-D Jyothi Hindi --- Sample
hi-IN-SwaraNeural Swara Hindi --- Sample
hi-IN-Kalpana Kalpana Hindi --- Sample
hi-IN-Hemant Hemant Hindi --- Sample
hi-IN-MadhurNeural Madhur Hindi --- Sample
hu-HU-Standard-A Adel Hungarian --- Sample
hu-HU-Wavenet-A Aliz Hungarian --- Sample
hu-HU-Szabolcs Szabolcs Hungarian --- Sample
hu-HU-NoemiNeural Noemi Hungarian --- Sample
hu-HU-TamasNeural Tamas Hungarian --- ---
Dora Dora Icelandic --- Sample
Karl Karl Icelandic --- Sample
is-is-Standard-A Alfdis Icelandic --- Sample
id-ID-Standard-A Farah Indonesian --- Sample
id-ID-Standard-B Angga Indonesian --- Sample
id-ID-Standard-C Farel Indonesian --- Sample
id-ID-Standard-D Andini Indonesian --- Sample
id-ID-Wavenet-A Cindy Indonesian --- Sample
id-ID-Wavenet-B Andy Indonesian --- Sample
id-ID-Wavenet-C Aditya Indonesian --- Sample
id-ID-Wavenet-D Widya Indonesian --- Sample
id-ID-Andika Andika Indonesian --- Sample
id-ID-ArdiNeural Ardi Indonesian --- Sample
id-ID-GadisNeural Gadis Indonesian --- Sample
ga-IE-OrlaNeural Orla Irish --- Sample
ga-IE-ColmNeural Colm Irish --- Sample
Carla Carla Italian --- Sample
Giorgio Giorgio Italian --- Sample
Bianca Bianca Italian --- Sample
it-IT-Standard-A Giulia Italian --- Sample
it-IT-Wavenet-A Martina Italian --- Sample
it-IT-Standard-B Amara Italian --- Sample
it-IT-Standard-C Simone Italian --- Sample
it-IT-Standard-D Diego Italian --- Sample
it-IT-Wavenet-B Editta Italian --- Sample
it-IT-Wavenet-C Lorenzo Italian --- Sample
it-IT-Wavenet-D Mattia Italian --- Sample
it-IT_FrancescaV3Voice Angelina Italian --- Sample
it-IT-ElsaNeural Elsa Italian --- Sample
it-IT-Cosimo-Apollo Cosimo Italian --- Sample
it-IT-LuciaRUS Lucia Italian --- Sample
it-IT-IsabellaNeural Isabella Italian --- Sample
it-IT-DiegoNeural Dieggo Italian --- Sample
Mizuki Mizuki Japanese --- Sample
Takumi Takumi Japanese --- Sample
ja-JP-Standard-A Hana Japanese --- Sample
ja-JP-Wavenet-A Yui Japanese --- Sample
ja-JP-Standard-B Himari Japanese --- Sample
ja-JP-Standard-C Daiki Japanese --- Sample
ja-JP-Standard-D Eito Japanese --- Sample
ja-JP-Wavenet-B Hina Japanese --- Sample
ja-JP-Wavenet-C Akira Japanese --- Sample
ja-JP-Wavenet-D Aito Japanese --- Sample
ja-JP_EmiV3Voice Airi Japanese --- Sample
ja-JP-NanamiNeural Nanami Japanese --- Sample
ja-JP-Ayumi-Apollo Ayumi Japanese --- Sample
ja-JP-Ichiro-Apollo Ichiro Japanese --- Sample
ja-JP-HarukaRUS Haruka Japanese --- Sample
ja-JP-KeitaNeural Keita Japanese --- Sample
kn-IN-Standard-A Amvi Kannada (India) --- Sample
kn-IN-Standard-B Vaj Kannada (India) --- Sample
Seoyeon Seoyeon Korean --- Sample
SeoyeonNeural Seoyeon Korean --- Sample
ko-KR-Standard-A Seo-yeon Korean --- Sample
ko-KR-Wavenet-A Ha-yoon Korean --- Sample
ko-KR-Standard-B Bo-young Korean --- Sample
ko-KR-Standard-C Baul Korean --- Sample
ko-KR-Standard-D Chae-koo Korean --- Sample
ko-KR-Wavenet-B Chan-sook Korean --- Sample
ko-KR-Wavenet-C Cheol Korean --- Sample
ko-KR-Wavenet-D Chang-min Korean --- Sample
ko-KR_HyunjunVoice Hyunjun Korean --- Sample
ko-KR_SiWooVoice SiWoo Korean --- Sample
ko-KR-SunHiNeural SunHi Korean --- Sample
ko-KR-HeamiRUS Heami Korean --- Sample
ko-KR-InJoonNeural InJoon Korean --- Sample
lv-lv-Standard-A Valerijs Latvian --- Sample
lv-LV-EveritaNeural Everita Latvian --- Sample
lv-LV-NilsNeural Nils Latvian --- Sample
lt-LT-OnaNeural Ona Lithuanian --- Sample
lt-LT-LeonasNeural Leonas Lithuanian --- Sample
ms-MY-Wavenet-A Kembang Malay --- Sample
ms-MY-Wavenet-B Samroze Malay --- Sample
ms-MY-Wavenet-C Mahsuri Malay --- Sample
ms-MY-Wavenet-D Tuah Malay --- Sample
ms-MY-Rizwan Rizwan Malay --- Sample
ms-MY-YasminNeural Yasmin Malay --- Sample
ms-MY-OsmanNeural Osman Malay --- Sample
ml-IN-Standard-A Tha Malayalam (India) --- Sample
ml-IN-Standard-B Roy Malayalam (India) --- Sample
mt-MT-GraceNeural Grace Maltese --- Sample
mt-MT-JosephNeural Joseph Maltese --- Sample
mr-IN-AarohiNeural Aarohi Marathi (India) --- Sample
mr-IN-ManoharNeural Manohar Marathi (India) --- Sample
Liv Liv Norwegian --- Sample
nb-NO-Standard-A Anja Norwegian --- Sample
nb-NO-Standard-B Filip Norwegian --- Sample
nb-NO-Standard-C Hella Norwegian --- Sample
nb-NO-Standard-D Jakob Norwegian --- Sample
nb-no-Standard-E Agot Norwegian --- Sample
nb-NO-Wavenet-A Lise Norwegian --- Sample
nb-NO-Wavenet-B Aksel Norwegian --- Sample
nb-NO-Wavenet-C Margit Norwegian --- Sample
nb-NO-Wavenet-D Mathias Norwegian --- Sample
nb-no-Wavenet-E Karina Norwegian --- Sample
nb-NO-IselinNeural Iselin Norwegian --- Sample
nb-NO-HuldaRUS Hulda Norwegian --- Sample
nb-NO-FinnNeural Finn Norwegian --- Sample
nb-NO-PernilleNeural Pernille Norwegian --- Sample
Ewa Ewa Polish --- Sample
Jacek Jacek Polish --- Sample
Jan Jan Polish --- Sample
Maja Maja Polish --- Sample
pl-PL-Standard-A Zofia Polish --- Sample
pl-PL-Standard-B Kacper Polish --- Sample
pl-PL-Standard-C Filip Polish --- Sample
pl-PL-Standard-D Aleksandra Polish --- Sample
pl-PL-Standard-E Lena Polish --- Sample
pl-PL-Wavenet-A Alicja Polish --- Sample
pl-PL-Wavenet-B Szymon Polish --- Sample
pl-PL-Wavenet-C Antoni Polish --- Sample
pl-PL-Wavenet-D Nikola Polish --- Sample
pl-PL-Wavenet-E Oliwia Polish --- Sample
pl-PL-ZofiaNeural Zofia Polish --- Sample
pl-PL-PaulinaRUS Paulina Polish --- Sample
pl-PL-AgnieszkaNeural Agnieszka Polish --- Sample
pl-PL-MarekNeural Marek Polish --- Sample
Cristiano Cristiano Portuguese --- Sample
Ines Ines Portuguese --- Sample
pt-PT-Standard-A Leonor Portuguese --- Sample
pt-PT-Standard-B Duda Portuguese --- Sample
pt-PT-Standard-C Emilio Portuguese --- Sample
pt-PT-Standard-D Beatriz Portuguese --- Sample
pt-PT-Wavenet-A Ana Portuguese --- Sample
pt-PT-Wavenet-B Jordao Portuguese --- Sample
pt-PT-Wavenet-C Marco Portuguese --- Sample
pt-PT-Wavenet-D Mariana Portuguese --- Sample
pt-PT-FernandaNeural Fernanda Portuguese --- Sample
pt-PT-HeliaRUS Helia Portuguese --- Sample
pt-PT-DuarteNeural Duarte Portuguese --- Sample
pt-PT-RaquelNeural Raquel Portuguese --- Sample
Ricardo Ricardo Portuguese (BR) --- Sample
Vitoria Vitoria Portuguese (BR) --- Sample
Camila Camila Portuguese (BR) --- Sample
Matilde Matilde Portuguese (BR) --- Sample
pt-BR-Standard-A Maria Portuguese (BR) --- Sample
pt-BR-Wavenet-A Ines Portuguese (BR) --- Sample
pt-BR_IsabelaV3Voice Carolina Portuguese (BR) --- Sample
pt-BR-FranciscaNeural Francisca Portuguese (BR) calm Sample
pt-BR-HeloisaRUS Heloisa Portuguese (BR) --- Sample
pt-BR-Daniel-Apollo Daniel Portuguese (BR) --- Sample
pt-BR-AntonioNeural Antonio Portuguese (BR) --- Sample
Carmen Carmen Romanian --- Sample
ro-RO-Standard-A Mihaela Romanian --- Sample
ro-RO-Wavenet-A Andreea Romanian --- Sample
ro-RO-Andrei Andrei Romanian --- Sample
ro-RO-AlinaNeural Alina Romanian --- Sample
ro-RO-EmilNeural Emil Romanian --- Sample
Maxim Maxim Russian --- Sample
Tatyana Tatyana Russian --- Sample
ru-RU-Standard-A Galina Russian --- Sample
ru-RU-Standard-B Abram Russian --- Sample
ru-RU-Standard-C Katina Russian --- Sample
ru-RU-Standard-D Borya Russian --- Sample
ru-RU-Standard-E Lada Russian --- Sample
ru-RU-Wavenet-A Annika Russian --- Sample
ru-RU-Wavenet-B Alyosha Russian --- Sample
ru-RU-Wavenet-C Khristina Russian --- Sample
ru-RU-Wavenet-D Artyom Russian --- Sample
ru-RU-Wavenet-E Irina Russian --- Sample
ru-RU-DariyaNeural Dariya Russian --- Sample
ru-RU-Irina-Apollo Irina Russian --- Sample
ru-RU-Pavel-Apollo Pavel Russian --- Sample
ru-RU-EkaterinaRUS Ekaterina Russian --- Sample
ru-RU-DmitryNeural Dmitry Russian --- Sample
ru-RU-SvetlanaNeural Svetlana Russian --- Sample
sr-rs-Standard-A Vrstan Serbian --- Sample
sk-SK-Standard-A Natalia Slovak --- Sample
sk-SK-Wavenet-A Nela Slovak --- Sample
sk-SK-Filip Filip Slovak --- Sample
sk-SK-ViktoriaNeural Viktoria Slovak --- Sample
sk-SK-LukasNeural Lukas Slovak --- Sample
sl-SI-Lado Lado Slovenian --- Sample
sl-SI-PetraNeural Petra Slovenian --- Sample
sl-SI-RokNeural Rok Slovenian --- Sample
Conchita Conchita Spanish --- Sample
Enrique Enrique Spanish --- Sample
Lucia Lucia Spanish --- Sample
es-ES-Standard-A Nora Spanish --- Sample
es-ES-Standard-B Horacio Spanish --- Sample
es-ES-Standard-C Gaspara Spanish --- Sample
es-ES-Standard-D Paulita Spanish --- Sample
es-ES-Wavenet-B Horacio Spanish --- Sample
es-ES-Wavenet-C Gaspara Spanish --- Sample
es-ES-Wavenet-D Paulita Spanish --- Sample
es-ES_EnriqueV3Voice Leonardo Spanish --- Sample
es-ES_LauraV3Voice Lucia Spanish --- Sample
es-ES-ElviraNeural Elvira Spanish --- Sample
es-ES-Laura-Apollo Laura Spanish --- Sample
es-ES-HelenaRUS Helena Spanish --- Sample
es-ES-Pablo-Apollo Pablo Spanish --- Sample
es-ES-AlvaroNeural Alvaro Spanish --- Sample
es-AR-ElenaNeural Elena Spanish (Argentina) --- Sample
es-AR-TomasNeural Tomas Spanish (Argentina) --- Sample
es-CO-SalomeNeural Salome Spanish (Colombia) --- Sample
es-CO-GonzaloNeural Gonzalo Spanish (Colombia) --- Sample
Mia Mia Spanish (MX) --- Sample
es-LA_SofiaV3Voice Luciana Spanish (MX) --- Sample
es-MX-DaliaNeural Dalia Spanish (MX) --- Sample
es-MX-HildaRUS Hilda Spanish (MX) --- Sample
es-MX-Raul-Apollo Raul Spanish (MX) --- Sample
es-MX-JorgeNeural Jorge Spanish (MX) --- Sample
Lupe Lupe Spanish (US) --- Sample
Gabriella Gabriella Spanish (US) news Sample
Isabella Isabella Spanish (US) --- Sample
Miguel Miguel Spanish (US) --- Sample
Penelope Penelope Spanish (US) --- Sample
es-US-Standard-A Jimena Spanish (US) --- Sample
es-US-Standard-B Rodrigo Spanish (US) --- Sample
es-US-Standard-C Felipe Spanish (US) --- Sample
es-US-Wavenet-A Jimena Spanish (US) --- Sample
es-US-Wavenet-B Rodrigo Spanish (US) --- Sample
es-US-Wavenet-C Felipe Spanish (US) --- Sample
es-US_SofiaV3Voice Valeria Spanish (US) --- Sample
es-US-PalomaNeural Paloma Spanish (US) --- Sample
es-US-AlonsoNeural Alonso Spanish (US) --- Sample
sw-KE-ZuriNeural Zuri Swahili (Kenya) --- Sample
sw-KE-RafikiNeural Rafiki Swahili (Kenya) --- Sample
Astrid Astrid Swedish --- Sample
sv-SE-Standard-A Alice Swedish --- Sample
sv-SE-Wavenet-A Agnes Swedish --- Sample
sv-SE-HilleviNeural Hillevi Swedish --- Sample
sv-SE-HedvigRUS Hedvig Swedish --- Sample
sv-SE-MattiasNeural Mattias Swedish --- Sample
sv-SE-SofieNeural Sofie Swedish --- Sample
ta-IN-Standard-A Laiqa Tamil (India) --- Sample
ta-IN-Standard-B Panmoli Tamil (India) --- Sample
ta-IN-Valluvar Valluvar Tamil (India) --- Sample
ta-IN-PallaviNeural Pallavi Tamil (India) --- Sample
ta-IN-ValluvarNeural Valluvar Tamil (India) --- Sample
te-IN-Standard-A Riya Telugu (India) --- Sample
te-IN-Standard-B Charish Telugu (India) --- Sample
te-IN-Chitra Chitra Telugu (India) --- Sample
te-IN-ShrutiNeural Shruti Telugu (India) --- Sample
te-IN-MohanNeural Mohan Telugu (India) --- Sample
th-TH-Standard-A Kwang Thai --- Sample
th-TH-AcharaNeural Achara Thai --- Sample
th-TH-Pattara Pattara Thai --- Sample
th-TH-PremwadeeNeural Premwadee Thai --- Sample
th-TH-NiwatNeural Niwat Thai --- Sample
Filiz Filiz Turkish --- Sample
tr-TR-Standard-A Mira Turkish --- Sample
tr-TR-Standard-B Ahmet Turkish --- Sample
tr-TR-Standard-C Aysel Turkish --- Sample
tr-TR-Standard-D Aysun Turkish --- Sample
tr-TR-Standard-E Ayaz Turkish --- Sample
tr-TR-Wavenet-A Aylin Turkish --- Sample
tr-TR-Wavenet-B Berat Turkish --- Sample
tr-TR-Wavenet-C Berna Turkish --- Sample
tr-TR-Wavenet-D Basak Turkish --- Sample
tr-TR-Wavenet-E Omer Turkish --- Sample
tr-TR-EmelNeural Emel Turkish --- Sample
tr-TR-SedaRUS Seda Turkish --- Sample
tr-TR-AhmetNeural Ahmet Turkish --- Sample
uk-UA-Standard-A Yulia Ukrainian --- Sample
uk-UA-Wavenet-A Natalia Ukrainian --- Sample
uk-UA-PolinaNeural Polina Ukrainian --- ---
uk-UA-OstapNeural Ostap Ukrainian --- ---
ur-PK-UzmaNeural Uzma Urdu --- ---
ur-PK-AsadNeural Asad Urdu --- ---
vi-VN-Standard-A Bich Vietnamese --- Sample
vi-VN-Standard-B Chi Vietnamese --- Sample
vi-VN-Standard-C Cam Vietnamese --- Sample
vi-VN-Standard-D Danh Vietnamese --- Sample
vi-VN-Wavenet-A Hau Vietnamese --- Sample
vi-VN-Wavenet-B Dung Vietnamese --- Sample
vi-VN-Wavenet-C Hoa Vietnamese --- Sample
vi-VN-Wavenet-D Duong Vietnamese --- Sample
vi-VN-An An Vietnamese --- Sample
vi-VN-NamMinhNeural NamMinh Vietnamese --- Sample
Gwyneth Gwyneth Welsh --- Sample
cy-GB-NiaNeural Nia Welsh --- ---
cy-GB-AledNeural Aled Welsh --- ---
my-MM-NilarNeural Nilar Burmese --- Sample
my-MM-ThihaNeural Thiha Burmese --- Sample

Utra-Realistic Voices [beta]

Voice ID Voice Name Language Narration Styles
larry Larry English (US) Sample
jordan Jordan English (US) Sample
susan Susan English (US) Sample
william William English (US) Sample
oliver Oliver English (UK) Sample
alfonso Alfonso English (US) Sample
daniel Daniel English (CA) Sample
charlotte Charlotte English (CA) Sample
Adrian Adrian English (US) Sample
Alexander Alexander English (UK) Sample
Anthony Anthony English (US) Sample
Aurora Aurora English (UK) Sample
Axel Axel English (US) Sample
Carter Carter English (US) Sample
Daisy Daisy English (UK) Sample
Darcie Darcie English (CA) Sample
Ellie Ellie English (US) Sample
Evelyn Evelyn English (US) Sample
Frankie Frankie English (US) Sample
Frederick Frederick English (UK) Sample
Harrison Harrison English (US) Sample
Hudson Hudson English (US) Sample
Hunter Hunter English (UK) Sample
Julian Julian English (US) Sample
Lillian Lillian English (UK) Sample
Lottie Lottie English (UK) Sample
Maverick Maverick English (US) Sample
bret Bret English (US) Sample
Nolan Nolan English (UK) Sample
Nova Nova English (US) Sample
Owen Owen English (US) Sample
Phoebe Phoebe English (UK) Sample
Stella Stella English (UK) Sample
Theodore Theodore English (US) Sample
arthur Arthur English (UK) Sample
bruce Bruce English (UK) Sample
bryan Bryan English (US) Sample
Carlo Carlo English (UK) Sample
domenic Domenic English (UK) Sample
hayden Hayden(Cooper) English (US) Sample
reynaldo Reynaldo English (UK) Sample